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This page displays names of IT products and Online Services that have been certified by T-Systems for compliance with the criteria of the Eurohandelsinstitut and the Initiative Geprüfter Online-Shop [Secure Online Shop]. The certification programme applied is

  • 06 - Conformance Assessment against EHI Criteria (the program was terminated)

    Details concerning the applied programme can be found in the certification body's Certification Practice Statement.
  • Certified Products and Online Services
    The subsequent table shows IT products and Online Services for which the assessments have successfully been finished and a compliance certificate has been issued (provided that the sponsor has agreed to publish this fact.)
    The certificates are available in German (D) and / or English(E) language.
    Detailed information concerning the certified objects can be obtained from the corresponding sponsor.
    Issued Certificates

    Updated: 12.08.2008 

    Compliance Certificate
    Click & Pay net900 TeleCash Kommunikations-Service GmbH D
    CAESAR-IPS 1.4 transact GmbH D
    XPAY 1.3 TeleCash Kommunikations-Service GmbH D
    Click & Pay SET / credit TeleCash Kommunikations-Service GmbH D